Dang. What a nice workspace.

I got a new calendar at work yesterday and I was estatic- which says something for having an organized workspace. With that in mind-I thought it would be interesting to see what designs were floating around the net that showcased great personal style, organization, and overall esthetic. Check them out below! What does your workspace look like?

Work never looked so good.
Cozy Corner shared by Skybambi
Crafting haven by Arcadian Lighting's Blog
I could easily work all day at this bubbly set up. (Home Design Free)
Photo credit to Central Architecture. Great use of lines and color.
Albert Righter's Design. Traditional and Serene. I could definitely write a book here.
Enjoying the color pop! (Apartment Therapy)
*all images are sourced from the product's company site. these images belong to them and must be attributed for reuse.

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