Five Projects on My Horizon

Project #1:
Knitted Blanket

DIY knitted blanket on a bed

Out of my February 2012 issue of Martha Stewart Living, knitting made its appearance as the crafting technique of choice.  Since I find knitting very relaxing (and repetitive), I thought I would try my hand at this DIY blanket idea.  The article came with full instructions and dimensions, too! Don't worry- click here for the online instructions and you can try it with me!

Project #2
Recycled Paper Crafts
Magazine and Paper Crafts made into wall art

I recently got off a bit of an origami kick, but that kick introduced me to the versatility of paper!   And it is amazing how abundantly paper is available.  I am hoping to explore basket weaving, picture frame making, and wall art.  Rather than using just magazines-I plan to use the surplus of phone books that we have gotten over the years. A super easy way to reuse something that you probably already have and make it into something beautiful!

Project #3
Plant a root vegetable garden.

Why? Well, why not!?  We eat a lot of root vegetables, and since they are pretty tough, I feel like there is an even greater chance that I won't kill them!

Project #4
Add a few splashes of wallpaper.

Creative way to update shelf
Inspiration comes from Design Sponge!

My plan for this project isn't super developed yet- however- I am still super excited about it! I am thinking either wallpaper the backs of our kitchen cupboards (we have glass fronted cabinets), or one of our bookshelves.  And of course, there is always more room for a little wall art gallery.

Project #5
Snazz up our little backyard deck.
Painted diamond wooden floor
Okay- think this, but on our wooden deck!

Pallet projects for outside planting
with a little bit of this...

Chalkboard DIY Project: Potted Plants
and a little bit of that.
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1 comment:

Nancy said...

Oooo!! I'm loving the knitted blanket! I just learned to knit a few weeks ago. Once I get a bit more practice, I want to try a blanket. And that one is super cute!

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