Essential Help from the Husband: 8 Reasons Why He'll Be a Great Dad

Meet my husband, Joshua.
He is an artist, designer, drummer, and stellar man of God.  Don't get me wrong, he has his quirks, but I am blessed by him daily- quirks and all.  This post is a thank you for all you have been doing over the last few months (aka your pregnant wife's olive branch)!
Photo taken by Bryan & Mae. Check out their work here.
Essential Help from the Husband: 8 Reasons Why He'll Be a Great Dad

1. Helping with Chores.
Translation: He might not clean the stove exactly the way that I would clean it, but this guy is willing to vacuum, wash dishes, make the bed-even when I am irritable, old "the house is so dirty" Sarah.

2. Feeding a grumpy, sleepy Sarah.
Since the beginning of our pregnancy, I have literally been sleeping like a sloth, which for the most part has been awesome.  Even though sleeping is my choice activity-eating is a necessity.  This guy has made me countless egg and bread sandwiches (that's right-one fried egg and dry toast-it's awesome right now), and kid's mac n' cheese. And on the days where I am unconscious during dinner time- made his own dinner without a peep.

3. He's great with our dogs.
As a dog owners of three rescue pups, we learned early on that dogs are not as easy as they look.  In some ways, you have a small, four-legged, furry child (with the major plus that you can leave them at home during the day)- one that solely depends on you for nutrition, discipline/obedience, hygiene, exercise, and potty-breaks.  It's a hefty amount of responsibility, but it has been great preparation for childrearing (for both of us).

4. Eh...very childlike at times.
While he has got a great head on his shoulders- he has a prime ability to act very similar to a kid again when he plays with our little cousins or dogs.  It can drive me nuts sometimes, but I know this will come in handy in the future. Here's to you, kid.

5. He's super positive.
Now, out of all things-this can really make me crazy when I am really determined to be downcast, gloomy, or ill-tempered.  However, the rational (little) voice in my head tells me that this is a great quality that I most likely under-appreciate.

6. He thinks I am beautiful (and tells me).
Early on in our relationship we had a talk about expectations in our relationship (and we have had it a lot since).  I think that this is one of the biggest downfalls in any relationship is not being clear about exactly what you need-when we expect the other to understand what to say, what's wrong, or how to support us best.  You can set yourself up for arguments, unmet expectations, and disappoinment.  In response to avoiding those feelings as much as possible- we are intential about sharing our needs in a direct and straight-forward manner. One of the things I shared with Josh was that you can never tell me that I am beautiful enough (Guys- listen up!). He never forgot that and tells me multiple times everyday- this has been very helpful as all of these weird things are going on with my little, pregnant body.

7. He loves his own family.
One thing that has been obvious to me since I have met my husband is that he admires his parents.  For me, this has been a beautiful thing to watch, and I know that he will work very hard to be a parent worthy of being admired.

8. He manages to be patient in a home with one pregnant, hormonally elevated woman and three chihuahuas.
Our house is already a little chaotic-obviously.  I am pretty sure that a baby might make it seem like a small zoo (if I could only get the hedgehog I have been asking for-it would really be a small zoo), but he finds a way to be patient the majority of the time.  I mean- this guy let me adopt three chihuahuas and has loved them unconditionally.  As hectic as life might get in the future-I could not be more excited.  

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