Feelings about today...

Conversation between my husband and I:

Josh: Hey Sunshine
Josh: How are you doing sweetie?
Sarah: I am doing okay.
Sarah: Emotional about stupid things
Sarah: Angst-y
Sarah: and happy
Sarah: crampy.
Josh: Haha. Oh my goodness love.

Hello to 39 (well almost) weeks of pregnancy. Roller-coastering my way to the end. Excitement, anxiety, sheer joy, and a little bit of teenage angst. Josh, thanks for being sweet to me.

Also, an FYI. The Bump told me that Asa is now the size of pumpkin, and in a few days will be considered a watermelon. The human body is a phenomenal, flexible thing.

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andrea.arch said...

Watermelon vs. bagel... the epic battle continues.

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