Regarding Baby: 39+ Weeks

How far along? 39+ weeks. We are basically there! Due date is on Saturday!

Total weight gain/loss: 23 lbs & eating a lot to work up to the 25lb goal!

 Maternity clothes? Rocking my normal clothes with belly bands, leggings, and maxi skirts. Keep wanting to buy something new to fit over this belly but I know that I am so close-holding out! I keep telling myself, "If you don't buy anything now, you can buy some smokin' hot mama clothes after this baby is out."

Stretch marks? Nope! Keeping my fingers crossed (it won't be the end of the world at all if I do get some-hey we get a baby, too!) But we measured my belly and I have gained over a whole foot in girth!

Best moment recently: Waking up in the middle of the night and getting excited that soon I will have a little baby to take care of rather than just get up and go potty.

Miss anything: Running up and down the stair while doing 1000 projects at the same time

Movement: Still moving like he is getting paid. There isn't a ton of room in there, so sometimes I am very appreciative of his sleeping. His favorite spot to kick is my right side. I love rubbing his little foot and knee!

Food cravings: Chocolate milk and honey nut cheerios.

Anything making you queasy or sick: No actual "getting sick" but lots of reflux from all the crystal light that I drink everyday.

Have you started to show yet: Like I said, gained over a foot in girth!

Exercise: Been walking with the dogs and Josh but for the most part have been pretty chill.

Gender: Adorable, perfect baby boy (no bias).

Labor Signs: Some irregular contractions a few days ago, but nothing regular!

Other Aches/Pains: Belly pain from his growth! Just when I think there isn't anymore room, he finds it and a bit of hip pain if I do too much around the house.
Belly Button in or out? It is a cautionary outtie. Josh laughed at it the other day.

Wedding rings on or off? On! Snug as a bug in a rug...always wanted to use that.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy and a bit emotional sometimes (think weepy). Anxious!

Favorite "New Dad" moment: Watching Josh's eyes light up when he describes his excitement about seeing the little guy for the first time- his bitty face, toes, butt!

Looking forward to: Uhm, HAVING THIS BABY!  I cannot wait to see his little face for the first time and feel the weight of his body in my arms. I just sob when I think about it.

*I found this format for updating on another super cute blog and decided that I had to try it!  Check out Mommy's Little Sunshine blog here. Super cute fashions for little ones!

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