Thoughts on becoming a Mama

39 weeks and counting.

Our baby is going to be born in days. Our baby is going to be born in days. I can't wrap my mind around it sometimes, but other moments it is. so. real.  Yesterday I had a very reflective day after waking up feeling less than 100% but heading to work anyways.  Having a tougher day gave me the chance to reflect on how very blessed I have been throughout this entire pregnancy with good health, strength, and peace of mind.  During my drive home that evening I was overcome with so much emotion- as in literally sobbing while I was driving.  I can't even do the feelings justice by trying to describe them but the best word that comes to mind is awe. I am in awe of God. In awe of how he made it possible for my husband and I to create new life. In awe that this tiny little being living inside of me will grow into a man one day. In awe that God has allowed me to become a mom.  I am eternally thankful.
Little baby, I can't wait to touch you and see you for the first time.  I can't wait to tell you I love you and play with your pretty toes. I can't wait to call your grandparents and tell them that you are here.  I can't wait to cuddle you for hours and love you more than I can even imagine. You are already more than I could have ever hoped for and I cannot wait to share this life with you.

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