Birthday Weekend + First "Parents only date"

This past Friday I turned the big 2-5.  You know what?  It feels great.  Birthdays since I turned 21 seemed a bit anti-climatic but I couldn't think of a better feeling to have than being a new Mama for my big day!  To top it all off, our little man had his "one month" birthday on the same day.  How cute- eh?

Josh and I ventured out on our first "just the parents" date for my birthday thanks to Asa's splendid grandparents (my mom and pops).  We headed to the newest hotspot in our neighborhood, Maru Sushi, which is right around the corner from our house.  It felt so nice to get all spiffed up and know that for an hour and a half I would continue to be able to wear my clothes without the potential of getting spit up on them.  We tried the "Tarantula" rolls and the "Amazon" rolls- both delicious.  Well, I only had the Amazon rolls but Josh really enjoyed the others.  I even had my first bit of wine since I have been pregnant- it was a rich and delicious merlot named Velvet Devil...very scandalous.  I'd recommend the restaurant for lunch or dinner-and we are planning on returning ourselves.  It is nice to add another good eat to the area (as if we lacked that in any form). I only played the overbearing mom once and texted my parents to make sure Asa was doing well- turns out he slept nearly the entire time.  I am convinced that having such great sitters attributed a great deal to his easy snoozing.  We made it home around two hours later and had some delicious carrot cake with my parents.  Parents night out completed.
Side note: Josh and I (Asa) participated in a murder mystery evening with a Pirate theme on Saturday.  Asa even got a 'stache to fit right in with all the pirate-y people hanging around.  With parents playing Sea-legs Sam and Breathless Betty how could he not have a great time.  The party was a blast and great way for adults to dress up for the holiday without getting all wild n' such!  Highly recommended for your next hang out with friends.

I hope you all had a great weekend, too!  Cheers.

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