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owls, owl outfit, baby, grandparent, when regarding ruffles
Grandpa and his first grandson.
mommy blogger, sleepy baby, when regarding ruffles
Mama blogging during a quiet moment.
baby, sleeping baby, cute baby, when regarding ruffles
Sleepy baby lets me move his arms around and never wakes!
baby, grandparent, great grandparent, when regarding ruffles
My mischievous Grandpa (Asa's Great Grandpa) and a sleepy Asa
date night, marriage, fashion, when regarding ruffles
Heading out on our date night and loving that we borrow my parents sweet new car. Thanks guys!


-Our awesome date last weekend.
-The pictures that Asa's daycare Mama, Chris, sends me throughout the day that literally sustain me (notice that bold and italics were used).
-My friend/coworker had a baby boy this week. His name is Brody and they are both healthy. Huge blessings!
-Our Christmas shopping is almost done and everything we do have is wrapped and under our tree!
-Fitting into a pair of my "skinnier" jeans this week. I felt like a fox.
-Cinnamon roll scented candles and warm, crackling fireplaces.
-Getting ready for work the next day after reorganizing your entire closet (and all your hanging clothes by color).


-Asa received his two month shots. I was literally worried sick about it. I even had my first migraine the day he had them. Poor kid. He only cried for thirty seconds. Way to get all crazy about it...
-My first migraine.
-Waking up at 5am on Monday morning after nine days of work!
-Taking a lovely hot shower and then stepping out in the frigid tundra that is our 100+ year old house (okay, it's not that bad, but it is chilly).
-Finding only one sweater sock.
-Josh pulled an all nighter working on a sweet freelance project. It felt like college again. Ick.


-I was holding Asa and eating raisins. A half hour later I handed him to Josh and he found a raisin hiding in Asa's neck roll. Best. kid. ever.
-Fergie running into the table because she can't control her energy and excitement. Though sometimes she runs into it a bit too hard...eek.
-Switching your r's with your w's when you talk. Try it.
-Baby farts. Asa has the most disgusting amazing noises come out of his itty bitty bum bum.
-Great Grandpa (see pic above) came over and wanted to hold Asa but was frustrated that he was sleeping. So he woke him up. Asa cried. Great Grandpa held him for a second or two and then said, "Oh. He wants his mom."
-(This one was suggested by Josh) I used to steal Josh's razor so often that he has finally bought me one exactly the same as his but when we travel I usually "forget" mine and just use his new one. I left it at my parents. We are back to sharing the old one. :D

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