"Parents Only" Smokin' Hot Date Night #2

With the holidays all around us, my husband and I have been taking full advantage of the willing babysitters (Grandmas and Aunties) so that we can go on a few special dates!  Keeping a healthy focus on our marriage is something that we decided to do before we had kids and date night is a great way to celebrate each other.  Since we were visiting my parents, we ended up going out in an area that we do not usually frequent, and that added another element of fun!  

Our plans were to head to Sephora (so I could spend a gift certificate and buy a really nice lipstick), eat at a restaurant, and see the last movie of the Twilight Saga (clearly that part was more for me).  As we were getting ready to head out I had a bit of cold feet and suggested that maybe we should stay home with Asa or do something where we can take him along, but my mom and Josh reminded me that time together is a healthy choice and can help us be better parents, too.  Sometimes it is hard for mamas to be away from their babies, even if it is to go on a fabulous date! I am glad they kept me grounded though.  We had a great time with lots of laughing, joke telling (obviously by me), and some much-needed alone time.  Gosh, I love my husband...even though he sometimes thinks he is funnier than me!

Heading out.

Newest lipstick purchase! Pout by Smashbox.
Being silly + sassy in the parking garage (actually this is a "not so good" photo that was taken for tomorrow's outfit post...clearly didn't make the cut).

Joshua + a nasty hot dog stand.
Our "eats" for the night, Mani.

Wine for wifey, beer for hubbs.
We ended up going for the traditional pizza.
End of the night photo: Happy Mama when she is back with her baby!
Going out was a refreshing change, and I think it made coming home to our little baby that much better.  It sure helped that I knew he was in good hands, but if I could describe to you the feeling that I got when I had Asa in my arms again I am sure you would pop from explosive levels of joy.  Family is truly a blessing.

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