Regarding Baby: 2 Months Already!

Can you believe it? Our little baby is already two months old!  I can't believe how time goes by so quickly and how fast he is growing.  If you need to catch up on where he was before, click here to see him from newborn to one month, and click here to see Asa at six weeks. Prepared to be amazed by his growth! He has almost doubled his birth weight already (which makes me really proud because he is exclusively breastfed and it is hard work people).
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Height: 23.5 inches
Weight: 13 lbs
Fun Fact: Asa is now smiling and makes all sorts of noises!  He especially loves it when I stick my tongue out at him :).  When your baby smiles it is the best thing ever. Especially if it is at you!

*Asa's super cute owl outfit is from a children's store right around the corner from our house named Hopscotch.  They sell everything from organic and local baby products to cloth diapers and even have breastfeeding support and cloth diapering classes. A must-visit place for all West Michigan moms! And a special thanks to my mama and Asa's grandma for gifting us this great get-up.

& check out his growth charts from his 2-month appointment today:
Growth Charts: Head Circumference, Height, Weight. Asa is the dotted black line!
Can you imagine growing 3.5 inches in two months? Life must be crazy as a baby!

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