Christmas at the Kulchar Home (Tree!)

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the Kulchar home!  Well, actually I put our tree up the weekend before Thanksgiving (or was it the weekend before that?) because I knew we would be traveling during thanksgiving. I snapped some pics as I went so you could see how I decided to decorate it! We do not go overboard by any means in terms of decorating, but we did put up a tree (fake for now), our manger, and our new DIY Christmas trees for our "inside" decorations.  Outside, we put up a wreath and a retro garland/star that Josh's Grandma gave us circa 1980.  It works out well for us and our home "style."  Our tree does not necessarily have a theme but our general color scheme was a vibrant aqua, candy apple green, and brown. I added our eclectic assortment of ornaments from childhood, family, and the lazy, ordinary bulb or two (or twenty). To top it off, we are using the origami tree topper (made from an old phone book) I made last year and luckily it held up well enough in storage to be used another year!  

Process of putting up the tree:

Decide on lights! I chose green this year.

Add on a layer of neutral bulbs.

Add on the accent "colored" bulbs (teal, lime, and my funky, folk art bulbs).

Add personalized, eclectic and otherwise random ornaments.

Finished with a unique, handmade topper!

I also added a simple ribbon garland that I got for a few dollars at Hobby Lobby.

After looking at these pictures, I realized that our lamp shade was crooked. Ah. Lament.

Last year I also made DIY paper ornaments out of old book paper. It is great to get to use these again!

Check out a close-up on the origami tree topper!

Every year I go for a new "look" when wrapping gifts, and this year I went for a natural, eco-friendly.  I found the wrapping paper at Target (you can recycle it!), used some organic yarn for the trimmings, and made the tags from an old book.  They turned out as pretty as a work of art!

What decorations did you put up this year? 
I would LOVE for you to send me pictures.

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