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Hi y'all.

Many of you know I am recovering from a nasty case of Mastitis (and if you didn't know, check this and this). I haven't been posting as much as the regular ol' spunky iamaddictedtoblogging Sarah does and I wanted to say thank you for letting me focus on healing and being a Mama. Don't you worry though, the posting schedule will be back to normal in no time.  Today was the first day that I can honestly say I feel a little better. PRAISE THE LORD FOLKS.  In lieu of my current recovery and relaxing, here is my question for you today: 

What are you doing to relax these days?

Sometimes we can get super caught up in the rush of the holidays, or even everyday life.  One of the blessings that has come from getting ill this past week is that it has caused me to evaluate the time I take to just relax. To sit still.  If you are anything like me, sitting still can feel like a chore sometimes. Well, here is my challenge to you. Do it. Sit still. Take a bath. Take a long, hot shower.  Read that book you have been wanting to but haven't had the time.  I am giving you permission.  We've got to relax sometimes and just let our bodies be, let ourselves recover from the strains of living.  I hope you find the time to do that today. I'll try too.

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