Killer ____ Update

I just can't put boob in my title. Can't do it, but I can talk about it.

Most of my readers know by know that I have been dealing with this and this.  

Here is my update: No changes.

My current state of mind plummets between "we are going to get through this" to "we are never going to get through this." It is awesome  tough.

My body is not responding to any of the antibiotics at all so far and I have been on them for over ten days.  There have been slight improvements in terms of the flu symptoms, I no longer have a fever.  However, the large lump in my right breast still rules the day over here.  I am trying everything under the sun to heal this lump-following my doctor's orders to a T, to trying natural remedies as well.  One of the suggestions for healing the spot is to place green cabbage leaves over the inflamed area. Supposedly it can calm the tissue, but you have to be careful because it can also dry out your milk if left too long....whoa...right?  I have been using hot and cold compresses and necessary, and then of course, lots of nursing. Since I am nursing, I can only take ibuprofen for pain and let me tell you, this lump makes my chest feel like it is on FIRE. Many nights I wake up in a fit of tears and work really hard at trying to stay calm because there is a sleeping baby right next to me. My husband has been a rockstar.  He has been bringing me all of the "things" to help my situation, and has been a prayer warrior. Thank you.  I also want to thank our family and friends who are praying out there, too. We need it and we are thankful for it.

The plan from here is to have a biopsy done in order to determine what we are looking at in terms of the contents and cause of the lump. I am hoping to get this done today or tomorrow so that we can get a  treatment plan set up before the holiday. 

To be honest, this has been really stressful for us. I am in near constant pain. We have a newborn (who is doing so well) which takes a lot of work, even when you love them to pieces. Josh worked around 75 hours or more last week (at some point you stop counting), and I no longer have any paid sick time at work since I recently took maternity leave. That means we are looking at any time I take off as "no money" time. Not great timing in terms of paying our hospital bills from Asa, plus new ones, and of course the normal expenses of the holidays.  It is also incredibly hard NOT being at work because I know that my projects are piling up. Something that gives me hope is that no matter how much or little money we have coming in God has ALWAYS provided for us, and I attribute that to tithing in faith. I am confident that we will be provided for, but it is not exactly a de-stressor in terms of topics.

I keep reminding myself, we are strong and capable. We need to rely on God not ourselves or each other. We will get through this. Even when I'm not sure how.

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Laura Armstrong said...

Whoa, girl! You are definitely in our prayers. God is faithful--this is true! Love you. Sad we missed you in GR!

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