Necklaces that rock (plus pics from my jewelery stash)

*Sorry the quality of these pictures is basically crap. Josh was taking them while holding a baby...at 9pm. It was a trip. I settled on these and decided they were going to have to work.
Beaded necklace that is colorful, Attractive Blonde, Fashion, Style
Necklace on a blonde in a red dress

Necklace: Francesca's Collection; Top: The Buckle | Necklace & Dress: Francesca's Collection

Over the past year or so I have started investing in quality accessories.  There is something really nice about walking into Forever21 and walking away with a new necklace for five dollars, but there is something even nicer about having three or four well-made necklaces that work with everything.  Since I recently had a birthday (25! Woot!), I spent some time at one of my favorite shops, Francesca's Collections, and picked out a few gems.  I ended up going with a funky, colorful, beaded necklace that I can wear with solids, or "like" colors. Let me tell you something-I have already worn that necklace with so many outfits (here and here)! My other choice was a gold and white geometric "collar" necklace that literally goes with everything (I am actually wearing it right now!).  Overall, I feel really great about these quality and fashionable purchases. Not only were they a great birthday gift (i.e. I used a gift certificate), but they are now an essential part of my wardrobe.

Here are few more that I have my eye on:
statements necklaces, bold jewelry, when regarding ruffles
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Here's how I would wear them:
statement necklace, denim shirt, cute outfit
Necklace | Top | Colored Jeans | Chunky Wedges
statement necklace. lace dress, bright outfit, holiday party dress
Necklace | Dress | Tights | Heels

lace dress, blue flower necklace, holiday outfit
Necklace | Dress | Cardigan | Flats

statement necklace, lace shirt, casual outfit, weekend attire
Necklace + Top + Skinnies + Cowboy Boots

What pieces of jewelry would be worth the investment for you?

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