The Big Return Home

Remember yesterday?

Well, now I'm home. It feels good to be home. I'm not better, but the most important part is that the infection aka mastitis has now been hit with SUPER strong antibiotics. The antibiotics are supposed to hit the flu symptoms and fever first, then the pain in the lump/the lump itself.  I am going to be using heat compresses on and off all day, take antibiotics 4x a day, and continue to rotate ibuprofen/tylenol.  I will also be going back to work tomorrow and that kind of stinks.  Not because of work itself, but because I could really use the time to rest but had used all of my sick days during maternity leave. It will be okay. Hopefully, this lumpity lump will start shrinking in size, too.  I will be following up with my midwife later this week to make sure things are moving in the right direction.

In other news, check out the picture above. These are measuring hedgies from Anthropologie. Are you dying from how cute they are? Because I AM! Whaaa! If anyone gets an extreme urge to buy these for me for Christmas I won't stop you. I will love you.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayer as I battle the killer boob.


Nancy said...

I saw those the other day and was SO CLOSE to buying them for you! But it seemed kind of silly that I would buy measuring cups for a friend but won't even buy new socks/underwear for myself because we're so broke. Haha. Maybe next year ;)

Sarah Kulchar said...

Nance. Thank you for your wonderful thoughts. It counts just as much as the action of buying it. I understand the broke part...our FAMILY clothing budget is $25 a month..eek. That is why I love my birthday and holidays so much-time to get new clothes!

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