Thoughts On Being Sick, Tired, AND Mom

Check out those bags under my eyes-eh? Icky. They come out to play when I smile.

Sick. Tired. Mom. 

Those are my descriptors right now.  What's ailing me right now? I'm not sure. I have a whole slew of symptoms that are not fun. Why am I tired? Ironically enough it is not because of my baby. For some reason Josh and I have decided to still go to bed at the same time each night even though we get up two hours earlier in the morning. We are geniuses idiots. Why do both of these characteristics bother me (sick and tired)? This brings us to my third descriptor: Mom. I want to be the BEST mom ever. Everyday. All the time. For eternity. While being sick and tired does not necessarily make me a terrible mom, it sure does have an impact on my ability to be perky, excited, and such. Argh. 

So here is my plan for the weekend. To sleep one million hours and hope Josh and Asa want to do it with me. I'll let you know how it goes.

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