Because being married is awesome...

On our wedding day two and a half years ago!

A nice example of the little things I love about being married to Josh.

So, you may have already read this article floating around, but if you have not, check it out here. Just my shameless plug for healthy marriages and to say that marriage matters. It is not for everyone, but if you are in one, MAKE IT MATTER AND MAKE IT COUNT! Then go ahead and MAKE OUT!

I'm throwing it out there because you know what? There are a MILLION resources that are sending the message, "You are single- have fun, don't commit, marriage is for old people who are boring..." and "You have the rest of your life for things like marriage." Now, don't get me wrong, those things might be true in some circumstances or for the best depending on who you are BUT there is another side of life. You can get married, even married young, and LOVE it.

Take this from someone who got married when I was 22. Life hasn't ended since my husband and I tied the knot. If anything, life really began for us and I am so thankful that I met him young because that means there is that much more time we have together! So here is to being married and to supporting healthy marriages. Keep at it, keep trying, and choose to love your spouse every day.

End rant. Steps off soapbox. 


Rachel G said...

You're so right about life not ending when you get married! I got married at 19 and I wouldn't change anything--in fact, I'm pretty sure life got more exciting after marriage! And the roads were no fun to be on today, that's for sure!

Marie McKinney-Oates said...

"Then go ahead and MAKE OUT" cracked me up. Great post!

Sarah A. Kulchar said...

Thanks Marie! Having a 'forever' make out buddy is one of my fav parts of marriage!

Sarah A. Kulchar said...

I definitely think life got more exciting and things feel fuller to me when I have someone to enjoy them with-even just the little things.

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