Dining, Dates, And Other Fun Weekend Stuff

This past weekend was my favorite weekend that we have had in a while for three reasons:
{1} It was warm. {2} I spent it with my husband and son. {3} No one was sick.
Those reasons alone could make me happy forever, BUT to top it off, we got to spend some quality time with one of my best friends and Asa's godmother, Hannah. 

Friday night we headed out to one of the new-ish restaurants in town, Trillium Haven. This place has a pretty cool story-it is sourced by a local, organic farm (and a few others) who decided they wanted to share their produce with the hipster neighborhood of East Hills/Easttown. The locale is set in a refurbished building and has a swanky and warm feel to it (see pics below). Another cool thing? They have organic baby food...not joking. Now, Asa cannot actually eat food yet, but you bet your bottom dollar that we will be eating here again since it is family friendly. Essentially it works for everyone, there is a bar, baby food, and yummy food-what more could you want? Also, I have a secret to tell you, too. I took a few pictures in the bathroom (sneaky and risque-I know). Mainly because I wanted you to see my sweet tangerine pants, and the beyond-awesome ladder/bookshelf that graces one of the walls. Wouldn't you die to have one of these in your home?
The menu! Do you see it? Baby food!!!
Baby Asa with Mama, and the lovely Hannah
Asa definetly did a good job helping me decided what to get. He was so cute and grabbed the menu all on his own!
We had a great seat, right in the thick of the kitchen action! Josh got a curried goat with winter squash flatbread!
The divine ladder + shelf and my sweet tangerine pants! Thanks Mom and Dad K. for my great Christmas present! I wear them ALL THE TIME!
And Josh got a bloody mary with fresh tomato juice...stepping out a bit from his usual microbrew beers!
Something I forgot to add was that our brother, Kyle bought us a gift certificate here as a Christmas present...turns out it was for a sexy dinner. We didn't see that part until we went to pay but it was sexy. Even with Asa and Hannah along. Actually, that made it even sexier. Booyah.
And after a lovely meal, they send you home with a woodcut recipe card. 
With our bellies full, we went back to our place for snuggles and a movie...
...and this. Someone else had a feast while we were gone. I will give you three guesses, and if you guessed Javi, Nugget, and Fergie you would be absolutely right. Naughty things.

These two parents were very spoiled this weekend, because not only did we get to go out to dinner but we also went on a date...to see The Hobbit. We were in a rush to get out the door because I had just gotten home from the hair salon, had to pump because I missed a feeding, and then our friends from church arrived in the midst of all my pumping glory. So I ran to the bathroom and got decent while Josh let them into our messy living room. I survived one of my first "my house is not in perfect order moments" and it hurt a bit, but I am glad to have it out of the way. I quickly threw on my dress and leggings, put on my new lipstick, and showed them where everything was. 

Naturally, Asa decided to start crying right before we were to leave. The whole car ride (aka ten minutes) there sounded a lot like this: "We should just go back home." "I don't even really want to see this movie that much." "Why are we doing this?" "Asa never cries and he knew I was leaving him."  However, once we got there and had a confirmed text that Asa had stopped crying, I had calmed down a lot. I am sure Josh was very glad because it is extremely hard to get out and see a movie these days. Even one as great as The Hobbit which he has been waiting about two years to see, no joke. 

The movie was great in all of its cliff-hanger, adventure, and ethereal moments. I would definetly go see it again. Want to know the best part? THERE ARE HEDGEHOGS. I won't say more in case you haven't seen it but how did I not know this beforehand? It was amazing. Another thing about the movie that I have got to share is that I HATE goblins and orcs. Like "gag in my seat: hate. Which I did. Argh. Never. gets. better.

We stopped at Meijer after the movie to pick up a new dog bed since Javi threw up ALL DAY after gorging on all of his treats the night before. Serves him right! The night turned out to be a blast and a 3 1/2 hour date was just the perfect length. Maybe we will do it again :).
Terrible quality but necessary photos.
Showing off my date outfit and new hair in the pet aisle at Meijer :).
And finally, one of my favorite moments, coming home to Asa. I think we were both happy to see each other!

What were you up to this past weekend?
I hope you had a great weekend and here's to having an fabulous new week!

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