Home Tour: Office Re-do

As our little family grows we decided to rearrange two of our rooms in order to create a family room where Asa can play and our family can chill. We had two rooms with similar purposes (this kind of thing happens when you buy a house you are planning on growing into)-a room that was considered a "study" and also doubled as a guest room with the daybed. The other room was my husband's studio that was at the back of the house. It is actually not pictured on our home tour because it stressed me out way too much.

We decided to combine the "study" with the studio which just makes SENSE. It was super easy to tell you the truth. We didn't buy a thing. Just did some rearranging, hung new art that we already owned, and inherited two white shelves from my mom. I think it is starting to look pretty swell! Make sure to check back later tonight for our family room reveal!

Do you have a room you would like to rearrange?
You should give it a try! Make sure to take a before and after so that you can see all of the hard work you did!

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