Home Tour: Our New Family Room

Remember this morning when I mentioned that we also worked on creating a family room? Here it is! 

This room definitely had bigger changes in terms of appearance and we are very happy with all of the progress so far! Luckily, both rooms were repainted when we moved in so we had zero repainting to do. A few positives of this room include the fact that it is carpeted (one of the only rooms in our home), it has doors to it, and it leads right out to the back yard. It will also be super helpful for our sanity to have a home for all of the toys that are not-so-slowly entering into our lives!

Here was our process. We knew we needed to get a few things to make this room complete so we first took inventory of our existing stuff and figured out what we could get rid of. We ended up storing a table in the basement and selling one of our storage cabinets on Craigslist. Two of the things we knew we needed to get sooner rather than later was a solution for seating and fabric for curtains. For some reason, this room is FRIGID, so adding curtains would help keep the room warm and look great! I am also a firm believer in curtains. They literally complete a room but it can be one of the most overlooked design items in most homes. If you have a lot of rooms that lack window treatments, I would recommend adding some and I think you would be surprised at how warm, cozy, and put-together the room feels!

SO. I found my awesome GRANDMA COUCH on Craigslist. It was listed for $50, but I offered $35 and ended buying it for $40. It is in mint condition, and I kid you not, it is a grandma couch. It turns out that we were buying it from a guy whose mother-in-law had just passed away. Good snag. Someone has to buy these couches, jazz them up, and give them a new home-why not me? I keep telling my husband that I really got the couch for $20 since I sold our cabinet for $20 the night before!

I also got a great deal on the fabric for the curtains and was able to snag a few more accessories for under $10. I bought the fabric for the curtains at Fields' for $35, which was a great deal considering I bought 8 1/2 yards and it is upholstery grade fabric. I ended picking a bright, bold pattern because it was going to have to compete with our black chalkboard wall. I also stopped by Hobby Lobby and snagged that little yellow mirror, and the deer antler "K" for under $10. My mom was actually getting rid of a bunch of frames, so while I was there over the holidays I grabbed a few. The color that I used to paint these is from the armoire in Asa's room. The cardboard deer head was already in this room before, but we kept it to add some flair to our gallery wall above the couch.

Some of the framed artwork actually has a nice story behind it. Naturally, the ArtPrize poster is self explanatory since we live in Grand Rapids. The black and white photographs were taken with our new camera (I'll post about that soon), and the small black frame was a gift for us from a friend's wedding (thanks Jake and Amanda!). The two prints are actually cut out from one of my husband's art magazines- a great and inexpensive way to add color to the grouping!

Things we are on the lookout for the future include something for additional storage and possible something to organize laundry in? Our laundry is attached to the room, and it would be heavenly to have an area to sort and fold. Only the future will tell. Stay tuned for any room updates and I hope you enjoy the pictures of what we have done so far!

Looking for more inspiration for your own family room? Check out my pinterest board, Dwelling Design, for more ideas!

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