Last (hopefully) Killer ____ Update: Back In Action

"Oh hey...you have a boob?"

"Great...I was looking for one of those."
"Maybe I got a little too excited...don't be mad."
Well folks, we are finally moving in a great direction. My check in at the doctor went really well, so much so that they took me off of my antibiotics and said that I could resume breastfeeding. THANK THE LORD. We were literally at our wits end with such little sleep. To top off that great news, we have had dinner brought to us from our church family every night for the last week and a half which has made resting possible. 

The transition back to the breast went very smoothly, so much so that I thought he was going to munch it right off!  That first night he ate 9 times between the hours of 5PM and 5AM, which is a lot for a three month old, haha. I would say that he is back in full force. We have had a lot more spit up though which I think might be from him trying to eat too fast/too much in case someone takes his boob away again. That two and half weeks of pumping and dumping was worth it.

I am going to back to the surgeon in about a month (unless something comes up before then) and have a check up. There is still a lump but no infection. Ultimately they are hoping that the lump will break up by itself over time and that we can avoid anything invasive. I would agree with that route.

Thanks again for all of your thoughts and prayers. It is a huge blessing to feel human again and to be able to be the mom/wife that I want to be (or at least try to be). Thanks to all of you who have supported us in so many ways throughout this time, too. We can't do things like this alone.

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