Lovely + Lurid + Laughable

Asa and I on my first day home while working part-time. Best day ever.

-I have tomorrow off, then work on Thursday, and then am done for the week and I am going to kiss Asa 1000000000000000000000000 times when I get home tonight because I am so excited.
-Getting officially back to my pre-prego weight. I had been holding onto the last 5lbs. over the last month and half-ick.  The best advice I got was to NOT diet because your body needs a lot of calories to nurse and if you let it be, odds are the weight will just come off. It took three months, but it wasn't too bad.
-Asa is starting to laugh a bit more now. Never at me though. I'm not funny. Luckily, his dad is. Ehh.
-Josh landing some sweet freelance projects.
-Having our new office and family room completed (well as completed as a room ever gets in our house because I love changing/adding things ALL THE TIME).
-Getting my hair cut, colored, a new lipstick, and my eyebrows waxed all for $54. Take that budget!
-Having a lovely couple watch Asa while Josh and I went out on a much needed date.

-Our dogs are crazy people. 
-I worked way into the night last night and got about 3 hours of sleep. Never. again.
-Those people who are in such a hurry to get somewhere that they almost rear end the person in front of them, and then swerve into your lane just to turn into a convenience store 300 feet ahead. Thanks for the ihaveababyinthecarsoyougavemeaheartattack moment.
-Wearing out my favorite boots. Should have bought two pairs.
-Not getting enough sleep and then looking in the mirror in the morning and thinking, gosh, I look tired. Then realizing that I am probably going to look/feel like this for the rest of maaaaah life. First time parent moment.

-I think that it is a great idea to put breast milk on everything (which it is!). Examples being baby pimples, mommy blemishes, dry skin, the ends of my hair as a conditioner, cuts/boo-boos, you name it, it is a good idea. Josh thinks I'm crazy. We basically now have a running joke, "Maybe you should put breast milk on it..." and then I do. :)
-Me trying to start working out again.
-I have had chipped, red nail polish on since Christmas (look at this post if you want to gawk at it). You would think I could take two minutes to sit down and take it off and file these icky nails, but no. I don't. Get it together, Sarah.
-Asa is growing SO fast it feels like we can barely keep him clothed. But why does it matter? He LOVES being naked. Its hilarious watching how giggly Asa gets when we strip him down. This could be a problem in the future.
-Asa is starting to put everything in his mouth. If my finger is anywhere near his grasp-grab, pull, suck. It's a goner and it's his for the next five minutes. Fingers everywhere beware.

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