V-Day Gifts For Her (That I Like)

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Okay, I have to throw this out there. I actually think that Valentine's Day is kind of an unnecessary holiday. I mean, if you are in love or love someone dearly, do you honestly need a holiday to remind you to treat them special? The answer is no. You are probably doing it everyday. You probably think about them constantly and make a lot of effort daily to make them happy. 

Now, that being said, I love it when Josh brings me little gifts or we have moments where I know he is madly in love with me. So if Valentine's day is one of those days where I feel extra special, then that is okay. Let's just not make it a habit to wait to tell the person we love they are special. Let's do it everyday.


Rachel G said...

My husband treats me like I'm special to him all year round....but I think he does need a holiday to actually decide to spend some money on special gifts because we don't have enough money to buy extras all the time--so I'm all for the holiday! :)

Sarah A. Kulchar said...

We are the exact same way! We don't have a budget to splurge often so the little extra are very special. Hope you have a great holiday with you hubby!

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