You are worth it.

Our baby, Asa, and I . He turned four months this past Saturday.
Dear Baby.

You are worth all of the morning sickness and exhaustion I had during my first trimester.
You are worth all of the doctors visits, special eating, and lack of caffeine while I was pregnant.
You are worth the 39 weeks and 4 days that I waited for you to arrive.
You are worth late nights and early mornings since you have arrived.
You are worth every minute that I spend feeding you.
You are worth every backache after swaying you to sleep for the third time in one night.
You are worth more than every tear I cried wanting and waiting to be a mom one day.
You are worth every minute that your dad and I work to provide financially for our family.
You are worth it because you are worthy.
You are worthy to be loved. Worthy to be cared for in a patient and gentle way. 
You are worthy and loved by God, your maker.
You are worth it. Everyday of my life.

Happy four month birthday to you.

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