Changing Homes: My New(ish) Winter Wonderland

Shoes: PacSun, Pants: MissMe, Shirt: F21, Necklace: F21, Coat: Love Culture

My parents home resides in the Irish Hills of southeast Michigan, in a large field, and the house sits atop a hill. It is actually very picturesque. Our neighbors were definitely farther than an earshot away. When snow fell, it covered the ground like a perfect, unblemished white blanket. What happened when you wanted to get out of the driveway? It was pretty hit or miss. Most wintry days my dad would get on his old tractor and plow our way to freedom. It was a blessing and necessary.

Fast forward to my first home as an adult. I live in an urban environment. We can actually function as a one car family with very little inconvenience. We still get heaps of snow over here, but guess what? The city plows it (well, and Josh who does our driveway and sidewalks)! If you want to see the snow untouched, you must be awake very early which hasn't really been a problem for me with mister "I like to eat every few hours around the clock." Though this is still a huge contrast to the peace of my childhood home. This contrast just reminds me that different isn't bad. Different just means that you are growing and allowing life to change around you. I kind of like it.

*photography by my loving husband, Josh Kulchar.


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