Check us out & vote at Apartment Therapy's Homies!

I am pretty sure this was probably my sweet husband's doing (or someone else who really loves me a lot) BUT regardless, When Regarding Ruffles has been nominated as one of Apartment Therapy's Best Family & Kids Blog in their uber fun competition, The Homies!

Well, here is me putting this out there without shame (turns red and looks down). Are you a long time reader of the blog? Or maybe you are new but really enjoy spending a few moments here every week? Head on over there and VOTE FOR ME as one of the Best Family and Kids Blog. You do have to have an account with Apartment Therapy but it is super easy to make (doesn't take long either) and they don't need excessive amounts of personal information. Another perk, you will get amazing inspiration from their site if you want! 

Regardless of whether you decide to vote (but really you should!) you have GOT to check out some of the other blogs that were nominated (like this one and this one). The list will have you reading and ogling over the witty writing, hip outfits, and eclectic homes filled with adorable families for hours- no days! It is worth the trip over there to just see all of those!

If you head over and vote for me, a special thanks goes out to you. If not, don't worry too much about it, I just appreciate you taking the time to stop on by! I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens!

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