February Faves: 3 Great Organization Sites for You

There are so many days that I walk into part of my house and I am instantly overwhelmed with disorganization (did I just say that to the entire internet?). I work very hard to keep our home organized and I will proudly admit that around 85% of it is very organized (especially if you don't count our Michigan basement). However, there is still my craft closet....and that dreaded basement. I mean, how do these places get so disorganized? One day they look so lovely with their little labels and neat boxes, the next minute they are all jumbled into piles and heaps. Let me tell you, I HATE piles. So much. 

With all that in mind (and I bet you can relate to having a hidden disorganized something somewhere), here are some of my favorite organizing sites and inspirations. Check them out! Maybe you will be able to tackle one of those problem areas with one of these solutions. Maybe I will, too!

How can you talk about home organization and not end up referring to Martha Stewart? This woman is the pioneer of all things home and organization. Her website even has an exclusive organization section (just click the link above to visit).

What can you find at this site? There are specific areas for seasonal organizing (here is the article for winter), organizing tips for every room in your house, and even organizing tips from inside Martha's own home. Ahh. Drool.


I'm an Organizing Junkie! was started by a woman named Laura who is also a Christian, wife, and mom to three kids! Her passion is organizing (or as she herself, "an organizing freak"), and she works hard to keep life simple for her family and yours! Make sure to visit her site to get the whole experience.

Some of the organizing topics she covers include storage solutions, time tactics (aka ways to save/manage your time), menu planning, and of course, her own personal, organized journey! What makes her site unique? Not only does she offer great tips and how-tos, she also has an entire section devoted to learning how to organize that not only teaches the how-to, but also challenges why you struggle to be organized and support to achieve simplicity. Reading her blog is kind of like finding that super-organized best friend that you always wanted. Please, indulge yourselves.


Deliciously Organized is a great place to stop by for some real and practical organizing advice. Not only is the writer, Carlee, a gal who has got some great advice, she has also been featured on The Nest, which is the sister site to The Bump that I am a guest writer for! This San Francisco dweller's blog started out for primarily organizational purposes but has transitioned into more of a lifestyle focus, too. To be honest, that excites me even more as a reader because it lets you know the real person behind the blog!

Here are some topics to check out from her blog: organizing tips by room, tips for the holidays, and even tips for organizing your wardrobes and accessories! In addition to all of these organizing tips, she also blogs about healthy eating, DIY, and her favorite reads. Totally worth a great visit!


While I am definitely NOT an organization blogger, I have dabbled a bit in a few posts devoted to organization around the home and in life. Check out some of the posts that have hit the blog devoted to organizing over the last year or so.

Pursuit of happiness: Jewelry organization: method to the madness

Dang. What a nice workspace.

Storage Inspiration-because clever storage is calming.

Stellar Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen

Meal Planning Tips and Tricks + Free Downloads!

Genius & Practical: Upcycled Charging Station

What is your go-to site for all things organizing? Leave it in a comment, I would love to know!


Laura said...

You have just made my day, wow! I've been down with the flu and then to come over and read such nice words totally gave me a much needed pick me up. What you wrote is so badly what I strive for on my blog and to know someone gets that AND appreciates it couldn't make me happier. Thank you, thank you!! Laura (orgjunkie.com)

Sarah Kulchar said...

I am so glad! Being sick is no fun. Thanks for all the hard work and great tips for organizing. You are welcome!

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