February is the Month of Favorites!

Hi Everyone! Can you believe that it is already February? I can't! To tell you a secret, I am pretty glad about it! From here until spring seems to take forever. Wouldn't you agree? It would be nice if we just erased the entire months of February and March and just cut right to April! Since that is clearly not an option, I have planned some great things for the blog this month and we will trudge through this winter month together.

What is the theme you ask? The theme is: February is the Month of Favorites! This means that throughout the entire month of February I will be sharing my favorite, go-to spots of inspiration for all things home, fashion, health, and food. I will also be sharing some of my own personal secrets when it comes to each category-those things that just work for me.  Check out the following schedule:

The first week will be devoted to all things home: design, organization, DIY, eco-friendly living, and more.

The second week will showcase fashion. Now, I am not talking New York Fashion Week. I am talking real, practical, you-can-hold-your-baby-in-this-outfit. I am talking about fashion that works on a budget but still looks great and leaves your husband's tongue a waggin'. I can't wait for this week already!

The third week is going to be a new topic for the blog, health. For some reason and not really on purpose, I never really discuss health on the blog. Topics you can look forward to will include exercising at home (with little-to-no equipment), healthy diet, and overall lifestyle suggestions. Here's to being the healthiest we can be!

The fourth and final week of February will be devoted to none other than food. Food for breakfast, food for lunch, food for dinner, and food for thought. Food you can share with friends and family, and food you can throw in your purse for an "at work" snack. 

Now that all of that is spelled out and I have given away what's to come this month, I hope you will decide to join me and veto the winter gloom. Check back later for the first home post coming your way!

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