First. Thank YOU for stopping by. It means a ton to me.
Second. I’m Sarah. The smiling brunette in the picture above (although I’ve been known to change my hair color a bit) alongside my adorable husband, Josh, and our little guy, Asa. I’m never sure exactly how to start this kind of thing, but I will put my best effort forward in my attempts to share “about” me/us.
Here goes. This is my little spot on the internet that serves as an extension of my mind, projectsthoughts, and general happenings. Sometimes things take a more serious tone, but other times I just want to talk about what I am wearing  or what color to paint my latest project room. There has got to be a balance, right?
A bit of the traditional information. I’m married to a brilliant artist and designer named Josh. We’ve been married since June of 2010 after we met in college. We currently reside in Grand Rapids, MI, which might be one of the best places to live…ever. Except for the snow. Run away from the snow. Our two chihuahuas, Lt. Javier and Lord Nugget have been with us for about three years now and they keep us on our toes.
In September of 2012 we welcomed our beautiful son, Asa, into the world. He has been a huge blessing in our lives and keeps us laughing. He also keeps us very tired all the time, but again with the balance thing- right? And if we weren't busy enough with a little baby, we also decided to sell our old (very old) house and move across town to a cozy, blue one that past July.
We’re Christians and consider our faith the most important thing in our lives. I stay at home and rear our child. Josh makes the money-traditional much? We both love design and delicious food. I love to bake. Josh loves to grill. Asa loves to throw the food. I love to make new project lists. Josh does his best to avoid them (love you hun!). When it comes to health and wellness, we try to stay as natural and simple as possible. We also practice attachment parenting and I will probably breastfeed Asa until he’s five (j/k). Ya know.
While I could probably go on and on about little tidbits here and there, what I really want to say is that I am glad you are here, I hope this page shared a bit more of me with you, and I hope you want to stick around to learn more. 

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Anonymous said...

Cute blog! Just found it through the kitchn. Keep up the good work!

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