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When Regarding Ruffles is the personal blog of Sarah Kulchar, who shares about her family of three living in Grand Rapids, MI, and their passion for God, design, fashion, food, friends and their three chihuahuas. Posts typically cover what is going on in our daily life, our current home projects, fashion finds, and all things baby and mommy that inspires whether it is for the home, art, or other lovely things.

Current readership runs over 10k monthly views (average) and growing (with the highest month being over 18k). Our typical reader is a woman, aged 18-35, who is interested in family, babies, parenting, style, and home design.

Send me a quick e-mail if you are interested in a product review, sponsorship, giveaway, or any other promotions! Also, I am currently running an ad-swap with other bloggers who have similar readership and topics- if this is you, let's connect!

Just send a quick message to sarah{dot}whenregardingruffles{at}gmail{dot}com!
Thank you for your interest and support!

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