Have you ever tried to hang groupings of pictures, art, or prints together-and it turns out to be a lot harder than you thought? Here is a trick that I learned that has helped out all over our house! Let’s learn how to hang a wall gallery and get it set on the first try.


Step #1: Pick out your frames and the art/photos to go in them!

In this project, I opted for white picture frames with white mattes. Clean, simple, structured, and chic. The images that I chose to frame were from a recent photo shoot with local GR photographers, Bryan and Mae (check out their stuff here). Believe it or not, I had a bunch of them printed in various sizes at our local Meijer for under $10- I would recommend the matte finish if you are going with a “quick print” locale. Put them in their perspective frames, and take at least 30 seconds to admire what you have already done!

photo - DIY Gallery Wall

photo DIY Gallery Wall

photo DIY Gallery Wall

Step #2: Planning makes perfect.

You know how every new frame comes with a wonderful stock photo background? Well, not to worry-there is an actual use for this. Each paper is relatively the size of the frame that it came from and it will work perfectly as a template. If you are reusing an older frame or maybe found a great deal at a thrift store, just grab an old magazine, trace the frame onto it, and your template is made.

Planning makes- DIY Gallery Wall

Now here is the worthwhile part. Align the template over the back of the frame and use a marker (pen or pencil) to draw a dot or two where the hanging hardware is. In the picture below you can see that frames I bought actually left a mark where that was-so I was all set. These marks will be the equivalent to where your nail needs to go.

Step #3: Arranging and Nailing.

Take your newly prepared templates into the room where your new wall art will live and grab some painter’s tape along the way. Painter’s tape will not pull off the paint on your walls, but if you have none, scotch tape will work, too. Arrange the templates on the walls where you want them, and even try a few different configurations before you decide. Once you are set- nail right through the template on the mark you already made.

Arranging and Nailing -DIY Gallery Wall

Arranging and Nailing 2-DIY Gallery Wall

Arranging and Nailing 3 -DIY Gallery Wall

Arranging and Nailing 4 -DIY Gallery Wall

Step #4: Rip and Hang.

After your nails are in place, simply tear off the template from the wall and hang your frame in its place. Make sure to step back and admire the work you’ve accomplished!

Rip and Hang - DIY Gallery Wall

Rip and Hang 2 - DIY Gallery Wall

Rip and Hang 3- DIY Gallery Wall

And voila! Enjoy your new, stress-free wall art. I hope this helps!

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